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Four Steps You Should Take During and After a Storm

Four Steps You Should Take During and After a Storm

Mother Nature does not always play nice. When a severe thunderstorm, intense downpour or flood strikes, the damage to homes and businesses can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, poor decisions and inept restoration efforts can make a bad situation worse. If safe, successful restoration is your goal, good intentions are not enough. You need a smart, effective response. What should you do after a storm damages your residential or commercial property?



Disaster scenes are notoriously dangerous places. Safety must be a top priority. If officials deem your property unsafe, stay out. If you are allowed to enter, stay alert. Dress in appropriate clothing and footwear. Take your time as you move through the scene and watch out for broken glass and other common hazards. Assume any downed power line are still energized and maintain a distance of at least 10 feet. Never step in any standing water unless you are certain that the power is turned off. It could be an electrocution hazard. Use a flashlight instead of lighters or candles. If a damaged gas line is present, an open flame could trigger an explosion or fire. At a disaster scene, threats can be lurking almost anywhere, so vigilance is critical.



When storms target a property, damage to the roof often occurs. Strong winds can rip away shingles and other

features. Heavy downpours can overwhelm guttering systems. Tree limbs and other storm debris can cause structural damage to the roof, break windows, and batter a building’s walls and exterior surfaces. If you can do so safely, look for obvious signs of storm damage to your property. Indications of roof damage include leaks, the presence of granules in the guttering system and shingles that are missing, broken or dented. Other red flags include flashing, guttering or vents that are missing, torn or dented. Shattered glass, missing or cracked panes, and leaks are signs of window damage. Other signs of damage that should be noted include dings, dents, chips, cracks, holes, and discolorations affecting your building’s exterior surfaces and any outdoor appliances.



Immediately notifying your insurance agent can help to speed the claims process. As a preferred vendor for many

national and local insurance companies, SERVPRO routinely works with insurance companies. We do our part to ensure the process runs as smoothly as possible by providing easy access to necessary documentation.



An experienced restoration professional is an invaluable ally when your property has suffered storm damage. They have

the experience, training, and equipment needed to return a storm-damaged property to a safe, usable environment. At SERVPRO, we know that a prompt response matters. It delivers a faster return to normalcy, prevents additional damage and keeps restoration costs lower. That is why we offer emergency services 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial facility, you can count on us to be faster to any disaster. When you reach out to SERVPRO for assistance, we arrive ready to help. After assessing the situation, we create a safe, effective restoration plan. Our goal is to make it seem like it never happened.



At SERVPRO, preparing for the unpredictable is our specialty. No disaster is too big. Whether you are a homeowner caught up in a major disaster event, a municipality struggling to restore normalcy for your citizens or a commercial client facing the challenge of a large loss, we can help. We have skilled restoration professionals and the resources that they need to complete their tasks strategically positioned throughout our service area. This allows us to respond effectively to disasters of all sizes and scopes without any unnecessary delay. Our elite large-loss specialists work diligently to provide timely mitigation and restoration services and seamless communication as they dispatch trained restoration professionals while keeping costs down through the through the strategic placement and oversight of temporary labor.


When disaster damages your property, you do not have to face the recovery process alone. To learn more about our storm damage recovery services or request our assistance, contact SERVPRO today.

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