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Proven Protocols to Minimize Commercial Water Damage

Proven Protocols to Minimize Commercial Water Damage

Protect Your Business from Leaks with Diligent Maintenance and Disaster Planning 

Business owners balance many responsibilities, including anticipating dozens of problems interfering with operations. Leaks that lead to water damage rank high on the list of disruptions a company can suffer, threatening financial distress by halting a company’s ability to provide goods and services during the crisis. Mitigation and remediation of the devastation caused by leaks also increase stress by requiring expensive repairs.

How Can Commercial Property Owners Reduce the Chance of Leaks?

Fortunately, business owners can exert substantial control over their company’s exposure to water damage. Crafting a plan that includes routine maintenance, emergency planning, and partnering with reputable water disaster experts covers all contingencies. Consistency in implementing a leak avoidance and recovery strategy permits you to focus on running your business without the nagging worry of unexpected water emergencies.

What Constitutes Reasonable and Regular Leak Maintenance?

Some industries might have specific leak-spotting suggestions not included on the following list, suggesting consultation with a qualified restoration company. Most companies benefit from the following:

  • Inspection of all plumbing configurations several times per year, including water heaters and boilers, water filtration or conditioner systems, and plumbed lines to appliances. 
  • Water pressure checks and camera viewing of waste lines for blockage
  • Immediate repair or replacement of broken or weakened pipes or connections
  • An upgrade plan for aging plumbing and fixtures is still working but outdated and exposes the property to the surprise of rupture.

What Should an Emergency Plan Cover?

Preventing the loss of important data because of a water leak emergency is critical. Businesses are wise to store documents off-site or digitally. In anticipation of any disaster, also consider developing a plan to move operations off-site for the duration of the leak mitigation and remediation. Remote provision of services and transparent communication goes a long way to maintaining the confidence and loyalty of customers as you arrange for the restoration of water leak damage. 

Recognize that you and your managers and employees are experts in your business operations but likely not trained and experienced in leak and water damage management. Consider teaming with a local water restoration leader to devise an emergency plan of action for your commercial property:

  • Proactive assessment of your property by experienced water damage professionals  
  • Completion of recommended repairs and adaptations post-assessment
  • Identification of building owners, tenants, vendors, and contractors who possess or need information about your building and systems during a water leak emergency and who can assist in resolving the problem
  • Memorialization of a property-specific response blueprint so the dispatched restoration company employees can promptly deliver needed individualized strategies if leaks and water damage occur.

Should a Business Try to Handle Leaks and Their Consequences by Itself?

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained firms provide water migration detection; contaminated water clean up, containment, and disposal; applied structural drying; and specialized services for secondary water damage such as mold remediation. Mopping up a minor spill is a task your cleaning crew might manage, but hiring a professional water damage recovery company ensures that all aspects of commercial water leaks obtain attention. Developing a relationship with a local restoration leader streamlines all phases of commercial leak prevention and response, which is essential to the continued success of your business despite any curves water damage can throw.

Determining to work with your local restoration company to avoid commercial building damage from leaks is an excellent business decision. Concentrate on running your company while gaining peace of mind that help is ready if you need it.



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