Water Damage

Water Damage: You Must Clean It Up Fast

Water Damage: You Must Clean It Up Fast

Even a little water can cause a lot of damage to your home or business, and a timely response is crucial because if the situation isn’t addressed promptly, the destruction will continue to spread. However, the right response at the right time can prevent further damage and improve the chances of saving your damaged property.


Whether they are treasured family heirlooms, cherished photographs, vital records or the electronics that you depend on, everyone has certain possessions that matter. While certain things may be unsalvageable after a destructive water event, you might be surprised at what can be saved. Our trained restoration experts may not be able to save everything, but with our specialized knowledge and professional water damage equipment, we can often restore things that most people would have to throw away. Especially if we are called to the scene quickly.


Water and electricity don’t mix well, and if the water damage impacts your appliances, electronics or electrical outlets, you must make safety a priority. To eliminate the risk of an electrocution or an electrical fire, it’s important that you have the power cut off. Everything should be inspected before the power is restored. An experienced restoration professional can be an invaluable ally in protecting your family, friend or employees after a flooding event. We can spot potential hazards before they cause a catastrophe.


Capable of carving a path through solid rock, water is a powerful force, and it is quite capable of doing serious harm to your property. The destruction goes beyond your possessions and surface materials. As water seeps into the hidden spaces of your building, it can actually threaten its structural integrity. Walls can bow, floors can warp and ceilings can collapse as the materials they are composed of are compromised. Moving rapidly to repair and restore damaged areas can limit your overall loss and the expenses of returning your property to its normal condition.


The musty odor of mold is unpleasant. Mold issues can develop rapidly; mold growth can occur in as little as 24 hours after an area is exposed to moisture. While a major flood can certainly set the stage for a mold problem, it doesn’t take a lot of water to fuel the growth. A small leak or excess condensation can be enough to spur mold activity, and if the mold isn’t remediated properly, attempts to get rid of it can actually spread it to new areas, exacerbating the problem. Dealing with mold is not a do-it-yourself project. A prompt, professional response is the best way to handle the problem.


When a water emergency strikes, you can rely on us for the rapid response you need to recover. A leader in the restoration industry, we have the resources to be there whenever you need us. Professional water damage technicians utilize advanced equipment and techniques to see that your property is thoroughly dried and restored after a water damage incident. We also have the expertise to head off or remediate a mold outbreak after a water damage event.



Water Damage

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