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Protect Your Home With Professional Mold Remediation

Protect Your Home With Professional Mold Remediation
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Believe it or not, mold can occasionally be a good thing. After all, some species of mold are used in the production of antibiotics, foods, and beverages. Unfortunately, the kinds of mold that commonly flourish in homes and businesses are not helpful. These molds range from annoying irritants to dangerous health hazards. Difficult to eradicate and capable of causing real damage, these molds require careful remediation. The proper technique and equipment are vital, so it is a job best left to professionals like the experts.

What Is Mold?
Molds are microscopic fungi that spread through spores. Mold spores are everywhere, and they are quick to latch onto any organic material in humid environments. They do not need sunlight to survive, but moisture is vital. If the conditions are right, mold can grow quickly, forming large colonies. It can inhabit nearly any organic material, including food, paper or wood products. Mold might resemble moss in appearance, but it is not a form of plant life, and it does not use photosynthesis to feed itself. Instead, it releases enzymes that break down the organic material hosting it, damaging the material so that it can get the nutrients it needs by absorbing the degraded remains. Many homeowners discover mold when they smell its musty, earthy odor.

Is Mold That Dangerous?shutterstock_289172450
Mold is ugly, annoying and truly dangerous. Mycotoxins, liquids or gasses produced by active mold colonies, are incredibly toxic. Ingestion of mycotoxins can cause health problems, and just touching these hazardous chemicals can cause health hazards. Mold is very a nasty neighbor, so you want to take steps to prevent it from moving into your space.

How can you prevent a mold infestation?
Mold spores may be everywhere, but without moisture, they cannot grow into a problem, so controlling moisture and humidity is the best way to prevent a mold infestation. Try to keep indoor humidity below 45 percent. If a plumbing problem, leak or flood introduces moisture, a fast fix is crucial. Your best hope for preventing mold is to stop the inflow of moisture by repairing the problem and quickly eliminating the dampness. Time is of the essence, so if there is a delay in locating or repairing the problem, it may be too late to keep mold at bay. If you suspect that mold has gotten a toehold in your home or business, do not wait. A mold infestation spreads rapidly, so you want to act fast to get rid of it.

What’s Wrong With DIY Mold Removal?
Although it can be tempting to try and clean up mold yourself, smart homeowners call in the professionals immediately. Improper cleaning techniques can spread the mold spores, making the problem bigger than ever. Worse, if the individuals doing the work fail to protect themselves adequately from the mold and the mycotoxins it produces, health hazards are a likely consequence. Prompt, professional mold remediation services can protect your family’s health, stop the mold from spreading further in your home and potentially save you money by preventing additional damage.

shutterstock_147212159What Should I Expect During Professional Mold Remediation?
Restoration experts have the highly trained personnel and professional equipment necessary to tackle mold remediation. When you call us, our team completes a thorough inspection of your property and identify the areas of concern. Certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), our skilled experts can detect both visible and hidden mold. We also have equipment that allows us to trace the water source that is feeding the mold. After locating the mold, we set up a negative air pressure chamber to isolate the area and prevent the spread of spores that might be stirred up during the remediation process, protecting your family and your home. We also utilize air scrubbers and special HEPA vacuums to corral the mold and eliminate it.

Use antimicrobial and antifungal treatments to destroy existing mold colonies and prevent new ones. Depending on the amount of mold growth and the surfaces involved, it may be necessary to remove porous materials like carpet, paneling or drywall. If your situation requires it, we can handle it, disposing of the materials safely to avoid contaminating other spaces in your home. Of course, not every item exposed to mold is a lost cause. Our technicians have the expertise to restore many types of belongings and can clean and sanitize things like household items, curtains, furniture, clothing and other décor. We can also deodorize the space to remove the mold’s pungent, musky odor.

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