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Reacting To Water Damage That Often Occurs In Your Attic

Reacting To Water Damage That Often Occurs In Your Attic


By National Disaster Recovery

Your attic is a lot like your basement; it is an area that homeowners seldom visit, areas with poor lighting that make problems even harder to spot. Water damage occurs quite often but goes unnoticed until significant damage develops causing issues elsewhere. Working with a qualified water damage restoration company can help you limit losses you experience and extend the life of construction materials often found in your attic. A technician can install additional attic venting, insulation, and help prevent weather conditions or plumbing leaks from becoming a problem.

It is easy for your restoration company to check for signs of water intrusion, remove existing water, dry the entire area, and check the integrity of the structure for holes, leaks, stains, rot, or corrosion. Mold can also become an issue, which a restoration company can often mitigate with few problems. However, appliances installed in your attic, like water heaters or air conditioning units all have feed lines, connectors, and hoses that can leak, leading to malfunctions that cause water damage directly beneath. All of these instances require professional attention to limit your losses and any hazards that you might experience.

It is not uncommon for various types of water damage to lead to electrical problems that cause fires. Having an attic full of water damage can also cause structural problems that affect the safety of your home. Moisture problems often occur when warm, moist air enters your attic, leading to secondary damages that occur elsewhere in your home. As you might already suspect, attic damage leads to ceiling damage, can cause interior mold and mildew issues, and result in health concerns for you and your family. However, many homeowners fail to understand how these problems affect their utility bills, wasting energy and in some instances, water.

Your attic is a vital part of your home’s envelope. To maintain a clean, healthy home, you should consider hiring a qualified restoration company that can give you access to expertly trained professionals, equipment, and resources that you might not otherwise have.

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